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Nationwide Asylum Attorney


Knowledgeable asylum representation.

An asylum case is deceptively complex. Although the basic legal framework for determining who qualifies for asylum has been in place ever since the 1951 Refugee Convention, asylum has come under extreme attack in recent years. The asylum process is not a friendly one, and a case needs to be factually and legally on point if it is going to have a real chance at success. This is why I focus almost exclusively on asylum cases.

Help for any stage of the journey.

I provide assistance at whatever stage your asylum case is in—whether you just arrived in the US or have been here for years, have had your case denied by USCIS and are in Immigration Court, need help with an appeal before the BIA or a circuit court, or seek to do a motion to reopen. 

If you're new to the concept of asylum, feel free to download a copy of The Asylum Guidebook that I wrote. And if you'd like to talk some about your case, I can be reached without charge at (316) 613-1621. I look forward to the possibility of working together.

An attorney you can trust.

Lawyers don't have a great reputation. I'm here to change that. My number one focus is on helping people in whatever situation they are in. I always give everyone an honest assessment and never take a case unless there is a legitimate shot at winning. 

Physical distance doesn't matter.

Although my office is in the middle of the United States, I assist clients in Immigration Courts and USCIS offices from coast-to-coast. I certainly understand the traditional relationship with a lawyer is from across a desk, but if you have a phone and access to a computer, that's all we need. I've never had any issues communicating with clients. And in fact, because I work with clients directly rather than through paralegals, you're likely to interact more with me than an attorney in your city.

Free Consultation
(316) 613-1621

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