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Baumgartner Law Office focuses exclusively on asylum law. No matter your country of origin or reason for fearing persecution, Baumgartner Law Office provides expert asylum representation. Clients are served from coast-to-coast in the United States.

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Asylum cases can  be a matter of life and death. 

That's why Baumgartner Law Offices focuses only on asylum law. Even one small slip-up in a case can make the difference between winning or losing. With the stakes so high, an attorney you can trust is vital.  

Knowledge and attention to detail are vital.

Unlike many firms, each client's case is handled by an attorney, not a paralegal. Years spent winning asylum cases and author of The Asylum Guidebook: Understand What It Takes To Win Asylum, attorney Ben Baumgartner brings a wealth of knowledge to each case. Baumgartner Law Office focuses on providing quality, tailored representation, rather than simply churning out cases.

Assistance is provided for any stage of the journey.

Asylum is a process, one that can often take many years. Baumgartner Law Office provides assistance wherever your case may be on that journey—whether you just arrived in the US or have been here for years, have had your case denied by USCIS and are in Immigration Court, need help with an appeal before the BIA or a circuit court, or seek to do a motion to reopen.

Expert help is a call away.

Attorney Ben Baumgartner represents clients throughout the entire United States. No matter your location, we can help. For a free consultation today call (316) 613-1621.

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