Exclusive Focus on Asylum & Deportation Defense.

Seamless Service Provided Throughout United States. 

The United States entered its first deportation order in 1903. Since then, millions more have followed. In 2021, estimates are that over 1 million asylum and deportation cases are pending in Immigration Court and USCIS.

Don't become a statistic.


So much is at stake in asylum and removal cases. Indeed, because of persecution—whether due to your sexuality, your political or religious beliefs, cultural customs, or a host of other reasons, your very life may be in danger. Finding the right attorney to handle your case with the attention it deserves is critical.


Unlike the majority of immigration attorneys, Baumgartner Law Office focuses exclusively on the related areas of asylum law and deportation defense. 

I guarantee you commitment to your case, attention to its many details, thoroughness in preparation, and honesty in my answers to you.


We will do everything possible to win.


Whether you just arrived in the USA, or have been served with an NTA, I can help. Services include:

  • Credible Fear Denials

  • USCIS Asylum Applications

  • Immigration Court Cases

    • Asylum

    • Bond Hearings​

    • Adjustment of Status

    • Cancellation of Removal

    • Criminal Deportations

    • Waivers

    • Motions to Reopen 

    • I-751s 

  • BIA Appeals

  • Circuit Court Petitions for Review


After practicing in NYC for several years, I returned home to the middle of the country. Nonetheless, I handle cases across the US and have been in a wide variety of USCIS asylum offices and Immigration Courts. I am able to work on cases throughout the country because federal law applies. Technology allows for quick and easy communication with clients and effective case preparation. 


What matters is choosing the best attorney, not just the closest.


Call (316) 613-1621 now for a free consultation. Asylum has a one-year filing deadline and the work permit clock starts upon filing, so calling as soon as possible is important. Even if you've simply been served with an NTA, it's best to get out in front of your case. I look forward to the possibility of working with you.   


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